On Wednesday 30th September on BBC3, Butterflies Bridal Outlet was featured on Don't Tell The Bride.

Let me tell you where it all began...


 September 2014: Two members of the production team from DTTB came into our store and were greeted by Sarah, one of our leading bridal consultants. At first we were very excited but slightly dubious as it all seemed too good to be true! We were informed filming would commence in two weeks and we prepared the shop and waited patiently.


10th October 2014: The production team arrived shortly after 10am and we spent the next 6 hours filming! Sarah explained to the groom about the various styles and designers we have in store whilst Thalia, another leading bridal consultant and also model for our store, tried on between 10 and 15 dresses before the groom chose the perfect dress - Ronald Joyce 68003 Rainelda. We had to wait a week to see if the bride agreed..


16th October 2014: It was the brides turn to find out if the groom had chosen well! Again, filming had started early but this time we all held our breath to see whether or not it was "the one".  Sarah showed the bride the dress and initially she cried at how beautiful it was - it was a good start. Having tried the dress on, the happy tears turned into nervous tears as the dress didn't quite fit her bust. Several solutions were offered to accomodate her large bust, however, after deliberation all suggestions were dismissed and the dress was left in its original condition. The bride stated that this is what the groom picked, this is how I'm going to wear it.    


Almost a year later, on Wednesday 30th September 2015 at 9pm, our show aired for the first time and as we all sat round nervous, we were very pleased with the shop and with Sarah and Thalia's performance. If you didn't manage to watch it, you can catch it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06dylz2